About us


L’IMPERATRICE is an art and complements brand, born on May 2012 by Patricia Pérez and Priscilla Pérez Salem. Based now in Mexico City. The resin is the main material. They use a 100% ecological and hypoallergenic resin made from natural wood and materials. Each piece from L’IMPERATRICE has been made by the Designers Patricia and Priscilla. That’s why each piece is unique. 

L’IMPERATRICE has begun its path within the jewelry area but always with the intention of expanding their designs to different areas. The versatility of the resin is one of the most important things that is going to make this possible. Also it has made possible the collaboration with different important Brands throughout the World.

One of this collaborations took place with the prestigious Theater company “La Fura Dels Baus”. L’IMPERATRICE was in charge of the production of complements for their costume in the Opera “Parsifal” released on May 2013 in Colony, Germany.

Another important collaboration took place with the International and famous jewelry brand “Dezso by Sara Beltran” This Project meant the production of elements such as beads and charms for some of the most important pieces of the brand and their SS2014 collection presented last February 2013 in New York City. 

L’IMPERATRICE is a brand made for men and women that look for statement pieces that at the same time, are flexible to any type of outfit. People who are not afraid of color, shapes or sizes.

You can find L’IMPERATRICE in stores in Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City and Monterrey.